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"Having been to a lot of PT, you’d have to look far and wide to encounter a therapist as amazing as Tom. The breadth of his experience and talent and caring, coupled with his calm and focused demeanor come together to create a truly healing experience. He will educate you at the same time he most assuredly works to heal you. He makes things understandable, but most importantly, he makes a difference. Thank you!"
Dec 22, 2018
"I worked with Triumph P/T on a nagging Achilles injury that I had been struggling with for year. The Triumph team, specifically Tom and Cindy, crafted a program to help me regain strength and flexibility in my Achilles. They are extremely friendly and professional, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best P/T clinic in the area! "
Nov 27, 2018
"Triumph Physical Therapy is the best!! This past year I had a damaged Achilles heel problem and my podiatrist sent me to see Tom Gonzales at Triumph. Tom is truly a miracle therapist. In no time at all, 12 visits, my pain was gone and I had plenty of movement. I am not restricted in anything I do. I recommend Triumph Physical Therapy to all of my friends and associates. Give them a call and find out how they can help you!!"
Sep 29, 2017


“Tom is the ultimate professional. His knowledge and clinical diagnosing skills far surpass any other physical therapist I have encountered, both in the outpatient arena and hospital setting. His approach is to understand the cause of the injury, the extent and have the most positive outcomes. My experience has always been positive and treatment times have been reduced vs. other outpatient PT clinics. His communication skills assure that the patient is a partner in the recovery and reinforces the treatment outcomes are a joint effort. I cannot state enough the full trust I have in Tom’s abilities to guarantee a speedy and total rehabilitation.”

Glenn V.
Commerce Township

“When you find a wonderful physical therapist, you follow that person on the yellow brick road to wherever he appears next. For over fifteen years, I have made the journey along with Tom Gonzales, who has provided me with excellent care and treatment I needed to function with my daily routine.”

“Mr. Gonzales goes beyond the call of duty. When I have an ache and cannot go about my day, I call upon the nicest gentleman in town. Mr. Gonzales is your man for giving you top-notch care, so that you will be on the yellow brick road dancing in Dorothy’s ruby slippers.”

Nicole C.
West Bloomfield, MI