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"Triumph PT has become my go to place when I need physical therapy, my needs are more complex as I have multiple issues and treating one area may cause another area to become painful, Tom and his staff (currently Andrew) have been able to successfully treat me without creating a problem to another joint. They are very professional and know exactly what they are doing. They are awesome to work with and do treat patients like family. After my recent surgery my strength and balance has greatly improved thanks to Triumph PT. "
Sep 18, 2023
"This is my 2nd place I have had PT and I have to say this was a better experience. Tom, Andrew and Cindy (front desk) really do a great job. My issue is related to my neck and my orthopedic doctor suggested I try PT before surgery. My suggestion is to give Triumph a try, you won't be disappointed."
Aug 15, 2023
" I received excellent care at Triumph Physical Therapy. The entire staff, led by Tom Gonzales, was extremely kind, knowledgeable, and caring. My experience at Triumph was very positive and effective! I felt relief from the pain that brought me to Triumph and appreciate that I have been able to continue to follow up with exercises at home. It is a pleasure to recommend Triumph Physical Therapy! "
Apr 17, 2023
"From someone who has gone to several different PT clinics over the years, Tom is the best. My first experience with Tom was years ago at his previous employer. At that time I had gone to a few medical professionals and had varies imaging done. No one was able to find the source of my pain. Then I went to Tom. He diagnosed me with a displaced rib within minutes of assessment. After a few treatments I was pain free. Most recently after sliding down some stairs my hips were badly misaligned. Luckily I was able to find Tom again with a quick goggle search and glad to learn he had his own clinic now. After a few weeks weeks of treatment this happy granny was able to chase after my young grandkids again pain free. From the compassionate and knowledgeable care, to the friendly staff and the warm, clean, comfortable clinic I highly recommend Triumph PT."
Mar 16, 2023
"Tom Gonzales did a great job getting my arm back to where I could start to use it after a softball injury. The process was very thorough and has put me on the road to recovery. Thank you."
Nov 18, 2022
"My back feels so much better. I also have exercises and "tools" to help me in the future. The staff was knowledgeable and compassionate. I never had to wait more then a rare few minutes for my appt to begin. Appts were easy to schedule and reschedule as I needed.This clinic was a blessing from Jesus to me."
Jul 02, 2022
"I injured my back in early May. I was given a prescription for muscle relaxers followed by a steroid prescription. Neither one did anything to ease my back pain. I decided to try PT with Tom Gonzales and within 2 weeks I cancelled my back surgery."
Jul 01, 2022
"Tom Gonzales is a miracle worker! I had hip pain, I went to 2 doctors, and they both said hip replacement. The third doctor sent me to physical therapy to give it a try. I found Triumph Physical Therapy from a neighbor and it's right around the corner from my house. Tom helped my pain immediately. I went into Triumph not being able to do some yoga poses that I've been doing for 10 years. I walked out of there with not only less pain the first day but was able to do those yoga poses again. I ended up going to therapy for 8 weeks because I was feeling so good. Triumph was also never overcrowded like some of the other therapists I've been to prior. He was a one-on-one therapist and saw me each time I went. He is truly a one-of-a-kind physical therapist. I will definitely go back if I have any other issues. Cindy and Darla are also the best, too!"
Jun 16, 2022
"Wonderful experience at Truimph Physical Therapy. Tom, Darla and Cindi are a great team. I highly recommend them for your Physical Therapy needs. They are my first choice for PT and will be back should the need arise."
Jun 08, 2022
"Physical therapy at Triumph is unlike any previous therapy I have had. It is one-on-one with Tom Gonzales. He guides and observes you through every exercise. Seldom is there another client in the room. The facility is clean, spacious and uncluttered. The receptionist is friendly, pleasant and helpful. Best part.......the therapy worked!!!!!"
Mar 30, 2022
"I would highly recommend Triumph to anyone suffering from pain. The entire staff Tom, Darla and Cindi are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I was suffering from chronic hip and back pain. Tom Gonzales was able to diagnosis the root of the problem and give me the tools to relieve my discomfort and pain. Both Tom and Darla are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about patient care and long term results. I was skeptical that their treatment would help my chronic issues but I was wrong! I graduated today and will truly miss my sessions which always gave me comic relief and great conversation. Thank you Cindi, Darla and Tom! "
Feb 28, 2022
"I would highly recommend Triumph to anyone suffering from pain. The entire staff Tom, Darla and Cindi are friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I was suffering from chronic hip and back pain. Tom Gonzales was able to diagnosis the root of the problem and give me the tools to relieve my discomfort and pain. Both Tom and Darla are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about patient care and long term results. I was skeptical that their treatment would help my chronic issues but I was wrong! I graduated today and will truly miss my sessions which always gave me comic relief and great conversation. Thank you Cindi, Darla and Tom! "
Feb 28, 2022
"Today I graduated from my physical therapy rehab for meniscus knee surgery. Its 5 stars all the way to the staff of Triumph Physical Therapy for helping me to achieve my physical therapy goals. Nice bright, clean facility too!"
Feb 25, 2022
"I am grateful for the great physical therapy I received at Triumph. Tom is very easy to talk to. He listens better than the doctor! He is very knowledgeable and helped me a great deal. I will return there, should the need arise. "
Feb 10, 2022
"Great experience and very professional! Always pleasant to work with and the treatments restore my strength and range of motion after a sport induced dislocation. Thanks Tom, Darla, and Cindy!"
Jan 28, 2022
"If I could give a 100 star review, I would. I cannot recommend Triumph highly enough. Amazing staff, and great care. Thank you so much for everything. 🙂 "
Nov 30, 2021
"I had a great experience with Tom and Triumph PT. I started in October after a hip replacement and now I am almost 100%. He and his staff were a joy to work with. I highly recommend them."
Feb 04, 2021
"Tom and his staff are very knowledgeable and friendly. Helped strengthen my shoulder and instructions to keep it strong. I would highly recommend Tom Gonzales and Triumph Physical Therapy. "
Feb 04, 2021
"Great Staff. Best Physical Therapy around - very personable. I would highly recommend."
Dec 21, 2020
"Very friendly staff! I have been there twice now for Rehab - I would definitely return. (Hopefully not in the near future). I highly recommend this place."
Dec 20, 2020
"Tom and Triumph are the best! After poor PT experiences elsewhere, I visited Triumph. Tom did a thorough evaluation on my shoulder and put a comprehensive pgm together. My shoulder range hasn't been this good in 10 years! Tom is a genuine, caring,man of God. Thanks Tom and staff!"
Nov 24, 2020
"I have used many Physical Therapy establishments in the past. Triumph Physical Therapy is by far the Best I used. Its is a one on one personal physical therapy and Tom does a very professional job in taking care of my need and I'm very happy and satisfied with the result. Triumph Physical is a very clean and well equipped place with the most advanced machines to help the patients recover and train how to recover from their surgery and be back to 100%. I will recommend Triumph Physical Therapy to any one who had total knee replacement or work related injuries . "
Sep 01, 2020
"I was lucky enough to find Triumph Physical Therapy when the Governor allowed them to reopen. Due to some complications from my knee replacement surgery and then COVID-19 I was very delayed in accessing therapy. Tom Gonzales was not only encouraging, professional, but extremely knowledgeable in my recovery. Today I am stronger than ever and I have Tom to thank for that."
Aug 10, 2020
"Can't recommend enough, I wasn't looking forward to 4 weeks of PT but after just the first visit and the relief I received, I couldn't wait for the next one. Tom is very knowledgeable. I loved the personal attention that I got at every visit. Unlike other places that put you on a machine then leave you alone wondering why you are even there, you can do this at home. Not here, you get one on one attention! Oh and not to forget Cindy (very sweet), she handled all the insurance needs and made making appointments very easy..."
Feb 06, 2020
"I injured my knee and was able to get in to therapy quickly and efficiently. Both Tom and assistant are very caring and he got me on strengthening exercises and devices so my knee is now more stable and mobile than prior to the injury."
Jan 15, 2020
"The staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They worked with me closely to meet all my needs and resolve my nagging issues. I definitely recommend them and would certainly go back again!"
May 30, 2019
"I highly recommend Triumph for your therapy needs. Very professional and caring and punctual. Tom is hands on and does a great job!"
Apr 30, 2019
"I had quite a bit of pain after breaking my wrist. I started therapy with Tom and he worked his magic on me and my pain is nearly gone. I would highly recommend Triumph Physical Therapy and Tom Gonzales if you ever need physical therapy. His assistant Cindy is great too!"
Apr 24, 2019
"I have a rather unique combination of chronic health issues causing neck pain and tension headaches. Tom has listened to me and provided very effective hands-on therapy and comprehensive treatment that has eliminated my pain. This has enabled me to enjoy life more and made me less susceptible to stresses on my body. I consider Tom to be a critical piece of my overall healthcare support and would highly recommend him to anyone. "
Apr 24, 2019
"I've had 4 different bouts with Physical Therapy over the past 4-5 years - 3 for my shoulder and one for my knee. Just like there are surgeons and then there are SURGEONS, there are physical therapists and then there are PHYSICAL THERAPISTS. Tom Gonzales is definitely the latter. He is the best of the best! He is very disciplined and careful in his approach to your therapy. He follows the doctor's orders very carefully, and gets the best from you and your efforts. I came to Tom and Triumph about 2 weeks after my latest surgery, a Total Reverse Shoulder Replacement. I was very apprehensive due to my other Physical Therapy encounters, but Tom quickly eased my fears with his compassionate and professional approach. I just went back to the surgeon for my 6-week post op check up and the doctor was so impressed with my progress that he said I had graduated and that no other Physical Therapy was needed! I really can't speak highly enough about Tom and the entire Triumph Physical Therapy Staff and would recommend them to my own family."
Feb 07, 2019
"I just completed my physical therapy rehab with Tom Gonzales of Triumph Physical Therapy. I cannot rate Tom high enough, he is so fantastic. I just had knee replacement surgery and Tom's expertise helped me regain my strength, flexibility and endurance. His equipment is the latest and most effective in restoring us to good health. The Triumph Physical Therapy facility is clean with friendly and warm people to assist you in getting your confidence back. I highly recommend Tom and know you will be in good hands, as Tom is a real pro."
Jan 09, 2019
"Having been to a lot of PT, you’d have to look far and wide to encounter a therapist as amazing as Tom. The breadth of his experience and talent and caring, coupled with his calm and focused demeanor come together to create a truly healing experience. He will educate you at the same time he most assuredly works to heal you. He makes things understandable, but most importantly, he makes a difference. Thank you!"
Dec 22, 2018
"I worked with Triumph P/T on a nagging Achilles injury that I had been struggling with for year. The Triumph team, specifically Tom and Cindy, crafted a program to help me regain strength and flexibility in my Achilles. They are extremely friendly and professional, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for the best P/T clinic in the area! "
Nov 27, 2018
"Triumph Physical Therapy is the best!! This past year I had a damaged Achilles heel problem and my podiatrist sent me to see Tom Gonzales at Triumph. Tom is truly a miracle therapist. In no time at all, 12 visits, my pain was gone and I had plenty of movement. I am not restricted in anything I do. I recommend Triumph Physical Therapy to all of my friends and associates. Give them a call and find out how they can help you!!"
Sep 29, 2017
"good job"
Mar 09, 2017


“Tom is the ultimate professional. His knowledge and clinical diagnosing skills far surpass any other physical therapist I have encountered, both in the outpatient arena and hospital setting. His approach is to understand the cause of the injury, the extent and have the most positive outcomes. My experience has always been positive and treatment times have been reduced vs. other outpatient PT clinics. His communication skills assure that the patient is a partner in the recovery and reinforces the treatment outcomes are a joint effort. I cannot state enough the full trust I have in Tom’s abilities to guarantee a speedy and total rehabilitation.”

Glenn V.
Commerce Township

“When you find a wonderful physical therapist, you follow that person on the yellow brick road to wherever he appears next. For over fifteen years, I have made the journey along with Tom Gonzales, who has provided me with excellent care and treatment I needed to function with my daily routine.”

“Mr. Gonzales goes beyond the call of duty. When I have an ache and cannot go about my day, I call upon the nicest gentleman in town. Mr. Gonzales is your man for giving you top-notch care, so that you will be on the yellow brick road dancing in Dorothy’s ruby slippers.”

Nicole C.
West Bloomfield, MI